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Gala Global, GLAG, Profile,Summary

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Gala Global, GLAG, Profile

GALA Global, Inc. is a publicly traded development stage company which plans to expand in the Hemp and Cannabis industries. The Company is refocusing its purpose on the development, research, and commercialization of products derived from Hemp and Cannabis Plant, while expanding the clothing operations and upcoming Hemp based fiber apparel and accessories division.


The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) estimated that the 2014 retail sales value of hemp food, body/beauty care, clothing and various other hemp products sold in the United States were more than $620 million.

Industrial Hemp is a crop that can be grown for food and non-food purposes. As a result of its numerous nutritional benefits, many new food products containing hemp seed and its oil are finding their way into the marketplace, including pasta, tortilla chips, salad dressings, snack products and frozen desserts. Hemp seed contains a complete protein and the seed oil is the richest source of essential fatty acids (Omega-6 and Omega-3) with the perfect ratio of 3:1. Hemp seed oil is also used in nutraceuticals and health care products.


As a fiber source, hemp is undergoing rapid growth as a natural fiber in everything from clothing and textiles to automotive composites. Although it is legal to import and sale industrial hemp products in the U.S., it is not yet legal to commercially grow industrial hemp in the U.S. The 2013 farm bill was signed into law in February 2014 and contained a hemp amendment, Sec. 7606 Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research, which allows states that have already legalized the crop to cultivate hemp within the parameters of state agriculture departments and research institutions.


In January of 2015, The Industrial Hemp Farming Act was introduced in both the House and Senate, H.R. 525 and S. 134 respectively. If passed, the bill would remove all federal restrictions on the cultivation of industrial hemp, and remove its classification as a Schedule 1 controlled substance.



Gala Global owns and operates several subsidiaries including, Cannabis Ventures Inc., Cannabis Ventures (Canada) and CBDLiving.


Cannabis Ventures, Inc.

Cannabis Ventures (CVI) was organized for the purpose of developing leading scientific processing to cultivate a bio-medical grade Cannabis plant featuring a higher concentration Cannabidiol (CBD) value with natural healing powers. The team along with expert consultants which have specific expertise in pharmaceutical sciences (medicinal chemistry of natural products) and herbal pharmacology. Cannabis Ventures plans to supply the medical marijuana market along with alternate medicinal supply for global market for highly enriched plant concentration of Cannabidiol.

For more information visit www.cannabisventuresinc.com


Cannabis Ventures (USA)

Cannabis Venture signed a management agreement with America's first approved dispensary, Compassionate Caregiver! Compassionate Caregiver based in California became the first dispensary to provide Medical Marijuana in the United States.


Cannabis Ventures (Canada)

The company's Canadian subsidiary filed application to be a Licensed Producer under the Medical Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) with Health Canada. Cannabis Ventures is currently in the process in establishing operations in British Columbia to service the Medical Marijuana market.


Cannabis Ventures (Canada) recently signed a turn key management contract with a company based in Ontario, Canada. Cannabis Venture will assist in designing, equipment procurement, installation and help the company obtain license from Health Canada.



Gala Global created this special division to take advantage of $18 Billion dollar supplement industry. The company plans to introduce CBD infused dietary supplements and sports nutrition products in 23 states and the District of Columbia in the near future. The company believes Cannabidiols (CBD) Cannabinol ("CBN") could be a safer and better alternative for the treatment of sleep and anxiety disorders. 50 million Americans suffer from sleep and anxiety disorders, a large number of them use Prescription and/or OTC (over-the-counter) drugs, some of these drugs are habit forming, many Americans are unfortunately becoming drug-dependent and addicted to sleeping pills and pain killers and authorities are very concerned about the adverse social and economic consequences of the addiction problem.

For more information visit www.cbdlivin.com www.galaglobalinc.com


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