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XLI Technologies, XLIT, Profile, Summary

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XLI Technologies, XLIT, Profile, Summary


XLI Technologies, Inc. is a technology and multimedia distribution company, featuring just one of their products and services: Printed LightSheets. XLI Technologies, Inc., provides innovative lighting solutions within the multimedia, theatrical distribution, and entertainment sectors. Our unique Printed LightSheets technology enables us to provide an exceptional value proposition for our clients as well as their customers, by delivering cutting-edge positioning techniques as well as movie production tools. In addition to leading the way in technology, our business model enables our clients to maximize their profitability in the interest of fostering mutually beneficial financial opportunities.



Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. XLI Technology brings Printed LightSheets’ Nanotechnology to market: a revolutionary, patented light source that gives off vibrant colors and provides a highly efficient, 100% environmentally friendly light-source alternative.



XLI Technologies puts advertising and promotion on the move with its Printed LightSheets offerings for the automotive industry. Options run the gamut in exterior lighting surfaces, with car hood wraps, quarter-panel lighting and windows that make an indelible impression. In the interior, eye-catching capabilities include illuminated headliners, seats, floormats, displays and interior door panels.



When it comes to advertising and promotions, drawing attention and increasing focus are absolutely paramount. In addition to improving the visual impact of traditional poster presentations in the theater environment, Printed LightSheets offers new and creative advertising space in areas where advertising was unable to effectively be used before, such as “canvertizing” (advertising on a trashcan). Each additional square foot of light advertising creates an environment of excitement and additional advertising revenue opportunities.



XLI Technologies’ motion picture division is focused exclusively on products for movie studios, production and distribution companies, advertising, and talent and management agencies. This program offers volume discounts with fast delivery (same day, overnight, 5-day and/or 10-day delivery). Every Printed LightSheet comes with a transformer that powers the Printed LightSheet. Portable Backlit Packages are available for all 5 sizes—so light, portable and convenient that they can be considered a carry on when flying and traveling. (All Printed LightSheets also come with a warranty.) The current standard configurations include:


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